Safety Management Systems

How can aware365 help improve my safety performance?

Aware365 have a wide range of customisable safety management systems available to all levels of business.

We understand that no two businesses are exactly the same. That means safety management systems should be designed to fit with the operations and culture of each business. It’s also important to recognise that, for the same reason, generic safety systems don’t work; nor does trying to keep the same safety system in place. Your safety system should be adaptable as your business grows, changes and diversifies and as changes to laws and regulation occur.

Aware365 safety management systems are designed to fit in with and complement your workplace practices to reduce risk and increase safety awareness and performance.

Business Safety Packages

OHS&W Operating System Inclusive of:


  • Inductions
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Registers (hazardous materials, training, skill, First Aid, plant and equipment, high risks)
  • Accident Investigation Process
  • Workplace Inspection Checklist

On site:

  • Site safety survey
  • Initial audit and findings; meeting and report
  • Consultation with owner and staff (prior to implementation)
  • Staff training
  • Quarterly safety meeting
  • Accident and incident investigation assistance



  • Over the phone or email advice and help


Staff Rewards Program:

  • Incentive-based rewards program at each quarterly meeting to promote inclusive and positive participation within the workplace

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