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What standards do I need to understand, use and
comply with?

Standards are designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they are intended to. They establish common values that define safety and quality requirements. Standards evolve as industries change, and the knowledge and technology that supports those industries needs to adapt to keep up.

Standards are broad ranging and far-reaching. Standards include systems, design and products and cover industries ranging from construction and engineering to agriculture and environment. They also apply to services such as water and utilities. New standards are being developed every day, and chances are there is a standard that applies to your workplace.

Standards are not legally binding in isolation. In other words, there is no requirement for compliance by manufacturers, consumers or the public.

When a standard is called up in legislation or regulation, however, it then becomes a mandatory requirement (meaning that legal penalties could apply for failure to comply with that standard). For example, some mandatory Australian standards you may come across are: car seats for children, jacks for vehicles and fire extinguishers.

When a standard is called up in the regulation or legislation it may then become the subject of scrutiny by the court. This applies to businesses who do not follow a mandatory Australian Standard as it applies to their industry.

Standards are the best way to know the product, service or systems you are receiving is good quality and reliable.

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How can aware365 help me check if an Australian Standard or Standards applies to me?

Your workplace safety management system should identify the standards that apply to your workplace hazards and risks.

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