Work method statement

Work method statements can assist a person in control of a business or undertaking (PCBU) to consider how certain activities will be carried out safely.

For example a PCBU should prepare a work method statement for high-risk activities including:

  • where a person is:
    - to enter a trench
    - using explosive tools or processes
    - working in a confined space
    - working with a hazardous substance
  • if a person could fall:
    - off an edge
    - through an opening
    - over a barrier
  • were a person is working on a roof
  • when conducting demolition work
  • when there is the possibility of the presence of asbestos

The work method statement must take into account the following elements:

  • the control measures to be used
  • the way the activity will be performed
  • how the control measures will be monitored and reviewed
  • any relevant prescribed occupations.
  • the relevant certificate number
  • the arrangements for appropriate training and supervision

Work method statements must be easy to understand, signed and dated.

A work method statement must be amended if there is a change in the activity and a copy must be given to all PCBU’s affected. All people affected by changes must be advised of amendments to the work method statement.

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