Our objective is to improve the safety culture by creating a ground swell of inertia from your frontline workforce who will act as guardians in delivering and maintaining cultural improvement through sound behavioural safety practices.


Understanding Your Operation

We spend a pre-determined amount of time with you and your people on the ground developing an in-depth understanding of your business, its people and its risk.

Identify Key Personnel & Develop Guardians

Once we have researched your business we will ask you to pick your key people to form the initial ‘safety/guardian group’.  We would quickly convene a number of meetings (teleconference, video conference, in person or other) with the group to discuss, identify and plan the methods we propose to use, and from here, very deliberately pick out the catalyst for change.  The catalyst being the people or groups we start with - our “targets”.  A critical element of this approach with the initial “guardians” will be to listen and not judge as we solicit the views from the staff that work every day in the business. 

Identify Targets

Our targets are based on internal knowledge of each unit of the business and its people, risk and historic safety performance. At initial meetings we profile worker groups and workers that the group, as a whole, feels will present the greatest challenge to our success in terms of changing behaviour at grass roots level. 

Engage Targets, Increase Awareness & Grow a Safety Culture

We incrementally engage one on one with these groups or individuals, bringing them into the safety conversation and demonstrating to them how they, with our guardian’s guidance, will drive the sustainable changes we need for a safe and prosperous future.  Our plan is to grow our guardian clusters one person or work group at a time, on a timeline, until we have captured the entire work group and have the entire operation covered.