Ben from Jonesy’s Electrical 

“I am not the easiest person in the world to deal with when it comes to protecting my business and these safety changes have been a real headache, Rob really supported us when we needed it, he made sure that our systems were achievable, accurate and when we needed to he guided us though the changes, he was also quick to react and support us. We have found our safety partnership with aware365 invaluable” 


Terence from Templar Roofing 

“We like the timely support when its needed and the no bullshit approach to safety at aware365, we spent ages trying to get this right before we partnered with rob and the team at aware365 since then we have been able to concentrate on roofing, with the knowledge that our safety systems and information is current and relevant and practical” 


Pino and Sav from Euro Signs and Safety 

“The team and aware365 make compliance easy and support us when we need it we have been with them for 3 years now and would recommend them to anyone that is thinking about safety and safety management” 


Haig from Spidertech

Spidertech engaged Aware365 12 months ago to audit our existing Safety Management System, however we quickly extended this to an ongoing partnership with their monthly subscription service. Aware365’s ability to understand our unique work methods and potentially high risk work environments, was key us continuing with their services. Rather than offering a new ‘off the shelf’ Safety Management System, Aware365 were able to contribute to our existing system in ways that filled compliance gaps without disrupting our work flow. Best of all, Aware365 are always there for us to assist in meeting new challenges in our operations and ensuring that these are captured at a Health and Safety level. Having a resource that is responsive, understands our operations and has the ability to integrate new systems at a hands on level has been invaluable.


Stephen from Stephen Edgerton Roofing Services

“We have been working with Rob and the team at aware365 coming up to two years now.  We find the services they offer to be good value for money, no nonsense and easy to understand.  When we need advice or direction they are quick to respond and support us”