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  • Thursday 26th September 2013

    The right way to use incentives to promote a safety culture

    Whether you are a safety culture ninja with a workplace that is completely up to speed with all the latest in safety legislation, boasting an armoury of awesome, slick systems ensuring your business and employees are in the best

  • Friday 6th September 2013

    Two deaths, $400-thousand & a national media hammering … why your workplace needs its own ‘code’

    The case of a worker being crushed between hydraulic feeders and that of a

  • Friday 30th November 2012

    What is Active Workplace Safety

    Openly recognise and promote the importance that responsible safety has within your workplace.

    Educate yourself as to how your workplace will impact the people, environment and industry it operates within. Accept that part

  • Friday 9th November 2012

    Safety where do I start? Start today by talking to your people!

    Did you just attend a free safety information session and walkway with the distinct feeling that they are as confused or more confused than when they walked in the door. Do you feel like you can ask your employee and contractors to

  • Friday 9th November 2012

    Are you sitting on the fence?

    The one time it’s safer to jump

    We seem to be bombarded with messages about workplace safety at the moment: there’s a growing media interest in changes to safety laws across Australia, a suite of government ads encourage

  • Thursday 8th November 2012

    Changing gears: shifting your approach to driving at work

    One of the more frequent questions I am asked in relation to OHS &W is whether business operators need to provide training to staff required to drive as part of their work duties.

    As with most OHS&W questions there

  • Thursday 1st November 2012

    The critical key to workplace safety

    Consulting. It’s one of those words that seems to have a bad rap these days. Politicians use it to appease voters. The business community can sometimes over-use it, or use it in the wrong way. It is often used to refer to two-way