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Under the Model Act, every business operator must be able to demonstrate that they have attempted – so far as is reasonably practicable – to minimise risks to safety, implement safety measures and conduct a review of those safety measures. Achieving this does not need to be a cumbersome, time consuming task. At aware365 we have developed a simple “seven step” plan which covers off on all your compliance responsibilities.

What exactly are my responsibilities?

You have a duty of care to your customers, staff and to other visitors to your establishment to make sure they are not injured or affected by the activities of your work.

Your main responsibilities are to:

  • provide a safe place of work
  • pride a safe system of work
  • provide safe plant and equipment
  • ensure your staff receive training and supervision for the job they are doing
  • provide adequate welfare facilities
  • maintain records and provide information.

Breaking it down: the aware365 “seven steps” plan

The aware365 “seven steps to setting up safety” plan will help you address each of the above areas; taking you through every stage of the safety compliance process from information gathering and consultation, to the identification and management of risks and how to keep adequate records that meet compliance standards.

The “seven steps” system is designed to work from the “bottom up”; consultants will take the time to learn about your business and tailor packages to your workplace’s operational needs, culture and budget.

Crucially, our goal is to help protect your business, staff, contractors and customers from a safety incident, at the same time as ensuring that the impact of any incident is minimised.

For more information on the aware365 “seven steps” plan, or for an obligation free quote on setting up safety systems in your business, why not contact us today.

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