Why choose aware365? We understand safety and more importantly we understand the requirements, reality, processes, expectations and requirements of work conducted in the white and blue collar work environment. Here is what our clients say about their partnership with aware365.

advice and audits

Safety Auditing

Workplace safety auditing doesn’t just ensure compliance with the various Acts and Regulations governing Work Health and Safety, it identifies key areas of improvement that allows a PCBU and its Responsible Officers to demonstrate that risk within the workplace is managed to the principles of so far as is reasonably practicable, which in turn provides the peace of mind that workers and the public are kept healthy, injury-free and productive. 

guardian mentoring program

Our objective is to improve the safety culture by creating a ground swell of inertia from your frontline workforce who will act as guardians in delivering and maintaining cultural improvement through sound behavioural safety practices.

News and Information

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New laws you need to know about

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"Help! I don't have the time to
dedicate to safety compliance!"

Our expert safety consultants have decades of experience in risk management and safety compliance. Our goal is to make sure your business measures up to compliance standards, show you how to minimise risks and ultimately help protect your business from the financial and human impact of a safety-related incident.

Aware365 recognises the time and cashflow pressures faced by small business operators. We can show you how to implement procedures and processes in a way that fits in with your day-to-day operations, rather than costing you hours of extra time.